How to make a Clay farm in Minecraft

How to make a Clay farm in Minecraft

Within the Wild Replace, Minecraft patch 1.19, a brand new function was added that allowed Clay to be extra plentiful. With this small change, that permits you to flip Mud into Clay, now you can create Clay Farms. Right here’s find out how to begin your first Clay Farm.

How one can flip Mud into Clay in Minecraft

Mud will flip into Clay when positioned on prime of a Dripstone Block with an area beneath it. It’s because the dripstone “drains” the moisture out of the mud, ultimately turning it into clay. This can be utilized to create a Clay Farm.

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Quickest method to get Clay in Minecraft

Clay Farms are the quickest method to generate Clay. As soon as performed on prime of a dripstone block with a Pointed Dripstone beneath, Mud will quickly grow to be clay. You possibly can velocity up this course of by constructing a contraption just like the one proven beneath. Merely place a Cauldron with a Dripstone Block and Pointed Dripstone above it and at last place the Mud on prime. The Mud will grow to be Clay, and the Cauldron will slowly refill with water.

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After all, the easiest way to hurry up this manufacturing even faster is to scale issues up. Use rows of a number of Dripstone Blocks with Mud.

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Changing the Mud

As soon as you’ve got harvested your Clay (ideally with a shovel that has the Fortune enchantment to get essentially the most Clay potential), you possibly can refill your Mud. To do that, take a Glass Bottle and fill it with Water, both from the Cauldrons beneath your farm, or a water supply close by. Apply the Water Bottle to Dust positioned the place you need Mud to generate. And now you’re able to generate much more Clay.

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The Clay could be cooked in Furnaces to make Bricks. And Bricks are used to make Brick Blocks and Flower Pots. With this helpful trick of farming Clay it’s now easy to make big Brick Block constructions and lots of of Flower Pots!

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