How to make a Brick in Minecraft

How to make a Brick in Minecraft

Our how to build bricks tutorial will show you how to make a brick, or stack bricks together. This guide will show you how to turn clay into bricks and make bricks that look good for building.

How to Make a Brick

Make a Minecraft brick by finding clay and heating it in a furnace. Then, make the brick using the brick to make it! Below, we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Find Clay

Clay is a resource natural that can be found at the bottom of lakes and rivers. This is how clay spawns.

Example of clay spawn patternExample of clay spawn pattern

Swamps are a great place to find clay spawns. Clay is a grayish-light colored block. This is how clay looks underwater.

To harvest the clay quickly, you will need a shovel. Each block should yield 4 clay balls.

Step 2: Make the brick

Now that we have our clay we can make it. need a FurnaceTo heat it up in. You can use any fuel you like, such as planks or logs, charcoal, and coal. You will receive a brick when you place your Clay Balls and your fuel in the furnace.

Clay ball smelting into brickClay ball smelting into brick

A single brick block will require at least four bricks.

Step 3: Build the Brick Block

Once you have the bricks, you can either stack them all in your crafting inventory or put them into a project. Crafting TableAs such:

Crafting recipe for a brick blockCrafting recipe for a brick block

Bricks are an excellent way to improve your home or even build an entire structure out of them. Bricks can be used to make stairs, walls and slabs, which will add decorative or functional elements to your next project.

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