How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookcases are a great way decorate your rooms for your next project. You can use them to decorate a room, add visual flair, or even as a library. You can also use them to enhance your enchanting. This tutorial will show you how to build a bookshelf.

How to Make a Bookshelf

You will need planks and books to build a Minecraft bookshelf. Although the plank part of the project is straightforward, the book portion can prove to be more challenging. You can follow our step-bystep guide below.

Step 1: Chop Some Wood

You can chop and punch trees to make wood logs. For enough planks, you’ll need at least 2 logs.

Step 2: Make Planks

Stick logs of all types into your inventory crafting space or into a Crafting TableYou can make some planks! Each log comes with four planks.

Step 3: Order the ingredients for paper

Sugar Cane will make paper more complicated. This spawns close to water so you may need to search for it. Here’s an example:

Sugar cane exampleSugar cane example

Make sure you punch the bottom of any found ones. It will break down faster and make it easier to collect. Because it grows quickly, I recommend you plant some near water to ensure that you always have enough.

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Step 4: Make a paper

Sugar Cane is a sugar-based glue that can be used to make paper. For each piece of paper, you will need three canes. To make a bookshelf, we need three books. That’s nine canes! Here’s how to make paper.

Crafting recipe for paperCrafting recipe for paper

Also, paper can be found inside chests. These can be found at Shipwrecks or Strongholds. You won’t have a constant supply of paper so it’s better to create an area for Sugar Cane.

Step 5: Find Leather

It’s not difficult to find leather, but it is important to identify the right animals in order to obtain it. You will need cows and mooshrooms as well as horses, donkeys or mules, llamas, llamas, llamas, and hoglins. If you kill one of them, you can expect to get 0-2 leather per animal. If you find some rabbits you can transform four rabbit hides into one leather.

If you are able to find cows, I would recommend starting a farm. fencingYou can then breed them. You can then kill one for the leather you want. The amount of leather you can get from an enchanted weapon that has Looting increases with each level. To make three books, you need at least three pieces.

Step 6: Create the books

Now that paper and leather are available, we can combine them! This is possible with just four ingredients. Here are the instructions to make a book.

Crafting recipe for a bookCrafting recipe for a book

To make a single bookcase, we need to have three books!

Step 7: Make the bookshelf

Your six wood planks are now ready to be placed on the top and bottom sides of your Crafting Table. Your bookshelf will be complete when your three books are placed in the middle.

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Crafting recipe for a bookshelfCrafting recipe for a bookshelf

Finding Bookshelves

If you have trouble finding leather, you can get a bookhelf by going to a village and taking it out of any houses. Although this is a small amount of theft, they will not be able to find them. They can also be found in large Woodland Mansions, which randomly appear on the map. There are a few rooms with a lot of bookshelves if you enter a Stronghold.