How to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

How to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft

The Book and Quill allows you to make a book you can write in and then save it for friends. While they’re more complicated than regular books to create, you won’t need a tutorial. We’ll show how to make a Book and a Quill in Minecraft.

How to Make a Book and Quill

We will need leather and paper to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft. The final product will be made when we find an Ink Sac and Feather. We’ll be exploring the map to locate specific animals or plants for each of these items.

Step 1: Locate the ingredients for paper

Sugar Cane makes paper difficult to make. This spawns close to water so you may need to search for it. Here’s an example:

Sugar cane exampleSugar cane example

Make sure you punch the bottom of any found ones. It will break down faster and make it easier to collect. Because it grows quickly, I recommend you plant some near water to ensure that you always have enough.

Step 2: Make a paper

You can cut pieces of paper once you have Sugar Cane. For each piece of paper, you will need three pieces of sugar cane. For each book, we will need three sheets of paper. Three Sugar Cane sheets are enough. Here’s how you make paper.

Crafting recipe for paperCrafting recipe for paper

Also, paper can be found inside chests. These can be found at Shipwrecks or Strongholds. You won’t have a constant supply of paper so it’s better to create an area for Sugar Cane.

Step 3: Find Leather

Although leather is easy to find, you will need to find certain animals to get it. You will need to locate cows, mooshrooms and horses as well as mules, llamas or mules. You can get between 0 and 2 leather per animal if you kill one of these animals. You can also make four leather from one rabbit hide if you have some rabbits.

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If you are able to find cows, I would recommend starting your own farm. fencingYou can then breed them. You can then kill one for the leather you want. The amount of leather you can get from an enchanted weapon that has Looting increases with each level. For each book we make, we need to have one piece.

Step 4: Create a book

We now have paper and leather, we can put them together! Because it only takes four ingredients, you can make this with your inventory. Crafting Table. These are the steps to creating a book.

Crafting recipe for a bookCrafting recipe for a book

Step 5: Look for chickens or parrots to make featherers

Now we need to find a feather. This can be done by killing chickens and parrots. Because chickens spawn randomly on grassy biomes, they will be easiest to locate. Gathering seeds by breaking down grass or harvesting wheat crops is a good idea. These can be used for attracting chickens to your home. Return them to your base. create a fenced in areaYou can then breed them. You can get as many feathers you want by doing this.

They are only found in jungle biomes. Parrots come in many colors and can be trained to eat seeds. You can’t breed parrots at the moment, so chickens are the best option for farming.

Feathers can also be found in Shipwreck chests and in Villages. If you are only looking to make a few Book and Quills, you don’t have to hunt for animals.

Step 6: Search for Squid to Make an Ink Sac

Squids spawn in small groups within water-based biomes such as river, ocean and their variants. These are very common and they can be found if you follow the rivers of your seed or paddle/wade around the ocean. You can get 1 to 3 Ink Sacs if you kill one of them. You only need one of these, but you can get more if you wish to make more.

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Step 6: Create the Quill and Book

Now, all that is left to do is make the Book and Quill. You can now place the book, feather and Ink Sac in your inventory crafting area, or on a Crafting Table.

This is all you have to do to get a Book and Quill you can use for writing!

The Book and the Quill

The Book and Quill can be used as a journal or to take notes. It can be used to write in it and sign it. The book will then become a book. After this, the book cannot be edited again. This is a great way to pass on information to another player. This is a great way to add lore to your story or role-play. This item can be used to enrich your next playthrough.