How to Make a Banner in Minecraft | Crafting, Copying, and Using Banners

How to Make a Banner in Minecraft | Crafting, Copying, and Using Banners

Banners were added to Minecraft in version 1.8, which means they have been a part of the game for over six years! They have seen many changes over the years, including new uses, patterns and new colors. This guide will explain how to make them.

How to make and use a Minecraft banner

Banners can be made quickly and are a great early-game item. You may feel that you have found the ideal permanent base for your universe. Why not add your own Banner and insignia to it?


Crafting Recipe for a Banner in Minecraft.Crafting Recipe for a Banner in Minecraft.

The following resources are required to create a Banner.

  • 1 x Stick
  • 6 x Wool (any matching color)

Simply place the above ingredients in the Crafting table according to the pattern in the above image. These instructions will help you if the image isn’t visible to you.

  • Place the wool in the top six Crafting Slots.
  • Place the stick in the middle Crafting Slot.
  • Once you’ve done this, you will be able to create a Banner that matches your Wool choice. It’s easy, even for beginners!


    How to copy a Banner in Minecraft.How to copy a Banner in Minecraft.

    There are many uses for a banner. The primary purpose of a Banner is to create an insignia/design that represents your Minecraft base. A banner can be used to announce faction intentions or territory on Multiplayer servers. Below is a list of possible ways to use banners.

    • Placement: Placing a Banner is similar to the placement of any other placeable item. Simply make sure you have enough space for the Banner (must be against a wall at minimum two blocks high and one block wide), then use the secondary action button.
    • Copying: It is easier to copy a Banner that design it than it is to create one. You can simply place the Banner and a blank Banner with the exact same background color in a Crafting Slot.
    • Shield: You can place a Banner with any pattern on your shield to make a shield with the same pattern.
    • Patterns: You can put a pattern on your Banner either by Crafting or by using a Loom. A Loom is the best tool for creating a pattern. It requires far fewer resources, and each resource can be used more easily.
    • Map Marker: If you use a held Map (secondary action button) on a Banner, it will place a marker on the Map with the Banner’s background color. This will remove the marker.
    • Renaming: You can name a Banner by placing it in an Anvil and giving it a name.
    • Fuel: You can use a Banner as fuel in a furnace. It doesn’t offer a lot of fuel so it is not worth the effort.
    • Note Block: If, for whatever reason, you want to use it for sounds, you can place it under a Note Block. It creates a Bass sound effects.
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    This will allow you to properly represent your faction in Multiplayer Servers (or Pillager Raids) by knowing how to make and utilize banners. Get your name out there!

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