How to lower your World Level with Genshin Impact

How to lower your World Level with Genshin Impact

The upcoming events and characters are exciting. Genshin ImpactThe 1.4 update also adds new abilities to players like optimizing cooking, crafting, and allowing players display multiple namecards. And, perhaps most importantly, changing the World Level. You can easily lower your World Level, as you will see.

How to Lower Your World Level with Genshin Impact

After the 1.4 Genshin ImpactUpdated March 17th, you will be able to manually lower the World Level using your main menu. Click on the “i”, icon next to your current World Level, once your menu is open. The text box that appears will explain what the World Level is, the maximum World Level (8) and any other details about how it affects your gameplay experience.


You will see a text box displaying the changes you are making when you click Revert to World Level. Your World Level will decrease by one after you confirm your changes. The overall difficulty should become much less.



These are some tips that will help you change your World Level.

  • You have the option to lower your World Level at World Level 5
  • Your World Level can only be changed once per 24 hours
  • You can return to your World Level once 24 hours have passed if you so choose
  • Your World Level increases the strength and difficulty of your enemies, as well as the rewards you receive.

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The individual player decides what kind of gameplay experience he or she wants. Genshin Impact. This update allows you to modify the settings of your world, and you can experiment with which World Level provides the best balance between challenge and fun.

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