How to Link a Fortnite account to Multiple Platforms

How to Link a Fortnite account to Multiple Platforms

Epic Games has been a pioneer in Crossplay gaming for several years. Fortnite can be played on any other console or mobile device. You can play Fortnite against any supported device. The icon located next to each name will tell you who you’re playing against. What about your saved progress when you play on multiple platforms?

How to link a Fortnite account with multiple platforms

Fortnite’s progression, as well as all milestones and cosmetics, are stored in the cloud. Your data is always secure. You can link your account to multiple platforms so all data is available from each platform. You can start Fortnite on your PC or console and then play it on your smartphone.

Fortnite is only available to Epic Games customers who have already completed the first step. Sign in to the Epic Games websiteYour Account Username will be located in the top right corner of this page. Click on your name to open a new menu. Click Account from this Menu.

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Click on Connections when you are on the new page. Click on Accounts next Apps to open the screen. You’ll see this image: six accounts that you can link with your Epic Account.

Click Connect for each account that you wish to link. You will be taken to another page that provides more information and the option of linking. After clicking Link Account, you will be taken to the official website for the account that you have linked. You’ll need to log in to Epic Games with this account to link.

By clicking on Connect under PlayStation Network you will be directed to log into your PlayStation account. After you do this, you’ll be redirected to the Connection page. Connect will now change to Disconnect if it worked.

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All the accounts that you wish to link to your Epic Account will be able to track your progress and allow you to use your favorite cosmetics across all platforms.

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