When a new area is added to Genshin Impact’s World Map, it becomes difficult for users to find the location. The issue is often solved by interfacing with The Seven Statues above-ground. Underground Mines works a bit differently because it doesn’t have a Statue of The Seven.

The Underground Mine World Map is Parts lit upFollowing the main area questline The Chasm Delvers. It is possible to still walk the entire map, but you might find it difficult.

Below are the quests required to unlock all parts of the Underground Mine.

The Chasm Spelunkers

Quest guide

  • Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel
  • Top of The Chasm: Main Mining Area

After the crafting portion, The Heavenly Stone’s Decrees

  • The Serpent’s Cave
  • Top portion of Underground Waterway
  • The Chasm, bottom part: Main Mining Area

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The Heavenly Stone’s Debris (during portion of the lamp frequency)

Quest guide

  • Stony Halls

Perils in the Dark

Quest guide

  • Nameless Ruins
  • Below the Underground Waterway
  • Rightmost portion of The Glowing Narrows

What Caused the Spiritstone to Descend? (first part after speaking with Khedive).

  • The Glowing Narrows, Middle

The main puzzle area is Wherefore Did Spiritstone Descend

Quest guide

  • Leftmost portion The Glowing Mines after speaking to Khedive

How to enter the Underground Mine and Chasm in Genshin Impact

Lan, beside the Liyue Adventurer’s Guild, is the place to initiate The Chasm Charters. This will mark the official start of The Chasm Delvers World Questline and will lead to the Underground Mine and The Chasm.

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The Chasm Charters have been completed. Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal SunderingThe process will immediately get underway. Complete it to unlock. The Chasm SpelunkersYou will be prompted to enter the Underground Mine through The Chasm’s Mau.

Once you’ve gained access to the Underground Mine, it is possible to explore it and unlock all Teleport Waypoints. Only the complete questline can be completed to lighten up the World Map.

Take a look at our guide How to trigger and complete the Lost in a Foreign Land World Quest chain in Genshin ImpactTo find a secret quest in The Chasm.


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