Your Bizarre Adventure is a popular Roblox Universe-based game. You will need to be familiar with the leveling system in order to become stronger and take down difficult bosses. This will require you to earn a lot XP. You can earn a decent amount of XP by playing the storyline quests. But, some side quests in the game will provide XP more quickly than most story-mode missions.

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure – How to Level Up Quickly 

Completing the story quests

As with any Roblox story game you can earn a substantial amount of XP for completing story quests. To begin your story, speak with Giorno. You will receive somewhere from 100 to 4000 XP for finishing each mission.

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Repeating side quests

You can complete many side quest missions to earn XP, as we mentioned previously. These are the top side quests available in the game. These NPCs can be visited to start the side mission.

NPC NameLocationQuest Level RequirementXPOfficer SamCentral Urban Area1+60 XPDeputy BertudeBetween Cafeteria and Koichi10+105 XPAbbacchio’s partnerAlpha Thug Zone15+182 XPDraculaSewers20+300 XPZeppeliSewers25+460 XPDoppioUp the Mountain(near DIO)30+630 XPKarsSewers30+500 XPDIOUp the Mountain35+840 XPEnrico PucciCastle40+4000 XP

This is the fastest and easiest way to earn XP.

Jill for the Homeless

Homeless Man Jill, an NPC that can be found within the Sewer, is called. Unlike other NPCs, he will trade 600 XP for just ten gold coins. You can only trade/exchange once a day.

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