Grand Piece Online is worth purchasing access to. This game is the ultimate naval adventure. You can make your own crew and team up with friends to explore distant islands looking for treasure and fight vicious pirates and bandits. You can still level up quickly, even though certain mechanics, quests, and items require you to have a certain level.

EXP Boost

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You can make it easier and faster to level up is to open up the shop and purchasing this boost. This makes you gain 2x EXP for doing all your usual activities. The EXP upgrade is only 69 R$ to buy. It’s easy to purchase multiple copies of the EXP upgrade, even though it lasts only a few minutes. This boost only lasts for 15 minutes, so make sure you do as much as you can in that time to get your money’s worth.


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Another way to quickly gain experience is by taking up quests on the islands. NPCs can mark quests with large yellow exclamation points. These quests can be completed in a few minutes, such as delivering an item or fighting off enemies. You can accomplish two tasks if you complete quests that require defeating enemies.

Fighting Enemies

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One of the fastest ways to increase your level quickly is to fight enemies. You can defeat bosses if you have the ability. This will boost your EXP even more than just doing quests. It is a great way to double your EXP, and it saves you time by doing two tasks at once.

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