How to kill the Warden in Minecraft

How to kill the Warden in Minecraft

Minecraft’s newest version is now available. 1.19 With the Wild Update, players will be able to encounter a new and terrifying foe. The Warden, a blind creature, relies on its sense of smell and hearing to find and kill careless adventurers. There is no safe space because of their formidable melee and range attacks. How can you take down a Warden with all of that?

How to beat the Warden in Minecraft

A group of friends is recommended for those who are brave enough to face a Warden. Enchanted bows and armor are strongly recommended. A team allows players to trade aggro with one another, while the other players lay into the Warden at a distance.

This is the easiest and most efficient way to kill Wardens. You could also trap the Warden in a pit full of cobwebs with a trapdoor on top. Iron Golems can be brought along by your friends to help you take out Wardens. The fight is not easy no matter what so make sure to bring plenty of food and Potions for Healing.

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Wardens are not like other mobs in Minecraft. They appear each fourth time a player activates the Sculk Shrieker. It could be the same Shrieker activated four times, or the fourth in the series of Shriekers activated. Once summoned the Warden will begin digging its way through the ground to find the disturbance.

It’s not an easy task to kill a Warden. It is almost impossible to kill because it is classified as a natural catastrophe. Avoid them at all costs. It is equipped with 500 health points and can inflict 15 damage per heart via its melee attack. However, its ranged attack does 10 damage. It can inflict a great deal of damage. It is best to let this creature live on its own.

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