How to join the Hypixel Server in Minecraft?

How to join the Hypixel Server in Minecraft?

Hypixel is a popular Minecraft server with millions of users from around the globe. All you need to join the server is an official Minecraft version.

Note: You need Minecraft Java Edition to join Hypixel. Hypixel cannot be joined on Windows 10, Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Console Editions.

When you run Minecraft, go into Multiplayer. Then Add Server, and put in IP of Hypixel in the bottom tab. Add any name that you would like the server to be saved under the top tab.

Hypixel Server IP address is MC.HYPIXEL.

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Add the server to your servers’ list. This will ensure that you don’t have to enter your IP every time you play on Hypixel. Server resource packs can be enabled to provide a better user experience by allowing the server to set textures.

The Hypixel server is open to all ages. To join the official forums you must be at minimum 13 years old.

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