Roblox can be played on many different platforms than the PC. Roblox gaming on the move is made possible by mobile platforms. Roblox can be played on mobile, but there are some features that may not work or are difficult to find. How can private servers be affected by Roblox on mobile?

March 2021 Patch

Many Roblox users had problems joining private/VIP servers via the mobile version of Roblox before March 2021. It was difficult for most players to get the link that connects to a private server to work. Thankfully, according to popular player KreekCraftRoblox created a patch that finally solved the problem of link clicking. 

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How to join a private server on mobile

Go to the mobile app to join a private/VIP link. Then, select the three dots in the bottom right. Scroll down and choose Groups. Next, locate the group with the server link. Click the link in the group you are interested in. Scroll down until it appears. This is all there is to it!

If you still have issues joining, go back to the home screen and click the three dots at the bottom. Go to Settings. Scroll down and find Privacy and then Other Settings. Toggle the option of Everyone where it says Who Can Invite Me to Private Servers. 

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