The original introduction of the bank system in December 2021 was Pet Simulator XContinues to assist players in earning diamonds, organizing their pets and sharing with friends. Continue reading to learn more about the process, including how invitations work.

Bank Overview


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Teleporting into Spawn World’s Shop is the easiest way to find a Bank. Once here, look for the large, white-and-gold building pictured above—this is the bank. There are also banks located in the Trading Plaza. Fantasy World, Tech World and Axolotl Ocean.


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First, you need to buy a bank account that costs 7.5million Diamonds to be able to use the bank. After you have done this, you will be able to access a Tier 1 account. You will need to spend more Diamonds if you want to upgrade your bank account. Below is a chart that outlines the tiers of bank accounts.

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TierDiamond CostRobux CostPet LimitDiamond LimitInterestMax Invites17.5 millionN/A4050 million0%1240 million40095225 million0.1%23200 million8002001 billion0.175%34800 million1,6005005 billion0.25%453.5 billion3,20095020 billion0.4%5615 billion7,5001,40080 billion0.55%5750 billion20,0002,500250 billion0.7%68125 billionN/A3,5001 trillion0.85%6

Inviting other players

As can be seen from the chart above, the number of people that you can invite to your bank depends on its tier—the higher the tier of your bank account, the more players that you can invite. To invite others to your bank, go to the bank menu, click on My Bank, then scroll down to the Members section. If you haven’t yet invited anyone to your banking institution, their only username should be yours. To invite someone to your bank, type in any Roblox username.

Once you have invited someone to join your bank, they will have full rights to all of your pets. Make sure they are trustworthy! You can cancel any invitations you have sent by clicking the Cancel All Outgoing Invitations button if you make an error or decide to change your mind.

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You can’t cancel an invitation if the person has accepted it already. Instead, you’ll need to look for their name under Members and press the red X next it—this will kick them from your bank.

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