How to Investigate the Downed Black Helicopter in Fortnite | Foreshadowing Quests Guide

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Epic has released a brand-new set of questlines for us to complete on May 25, which seems to give a bit more information about the game’s history. Five challenges, the Foreshadowing Quests, will net you a total 120,000 XP when they are all completed. We will be covering how to complete one of these first challenges: Investigate a downed black helicopter.

Step 1: Find the Helicopter

Downed black helicopter location.Downed black helicopter location.

It might seem simple to find the helicopter. But there are more. Below is an image that will help you see where you should go to complete this quest.

To hear the messages, tune the helicopter once you have reached it. While the controls are not difficult, they must be tuned in a particular order to reveal and complete the hidden message.

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Step two: Tune the Radio

Investigating the downed black helicopter.Investigating the downed black helicopter.

Below is a list of buttons that you must press to get to the next hidden message. These buttons must be pressed in the right order. If you press the wrong button repeatedly, you will have to return to the first message and start again.

  • *hiss*…truck inbound, OPSEC level 3 *hiss*: Press +
  • *hiss* field decon truck inbound, OPEC level 3 is in effect *hiss*: Press –
  • Once you’ve tuned your radio, you’ve finished the quest! Now you can move on to the next challenge: Repair Broken Telescopes

    Video Guide

    A video guide is also available to assist you in this quest. It’s available below!

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