How to Install Pixelmon

How to Install Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft where players can add components of the Pokémon universe into their game. These include characters, new resources and even aesthetic items that pay tribute to the Nintendo game.

How to Install Pixelmon Mod

Installing mods can be quite intimidating. There’s no reason to be afraid. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Install the latest Java

The Java Edition of Minecraft is required to be able to play Pixelmon or any other mod in Minecraft. Check that everything is current. You should also ensure that the RAM is sufficient to store the mod.

Step Two: Install Forge

The latest version of Minecraft Forge is available at website. Install Client will confirm that you have downloaded the correct installer.

Step 3: Add Forge for Launch Options

After downloading and installing Forge open Minecraft. Launch Options. Select Advanced Settings. Then, click Add New. Under Version Tab, select Forge. Close Minecraft and save your options.

Step Four: Download Pixelmon

The latest version of Pixelmon is available on the mod’s website siteThen, click on the link to download it.

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Step Five: Add Pixelmon to the Game Directory & Restart Game

Open Minecraft’s Game Directory. From there, a folder called Mods will be available. Drag the Pixelmon folder to Mods. Now you are ready to go! You can now restart Minecraft and start playing!

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