How to install Minecraft Mods on PC

How to install Minecraft Mods on PC

We will be discussing the various ways you can install Minecraft Mods on your PC. This guide will also cover how to install mods on both Minecraft Java and Windows 10 versions.

How to Install Mods in Java Minecraft with Forge

Forge is the first program to install mods for Minecraft Java.

You will need Java installed, and the latest version before you can download Forge. Visit the official Java website to download Java hereJust click on “Download”, and then wait for the download to finish. Locate the downloaded installer in the downloads folder. Double click it and then click on the Install button. Once Java has been installed, you can now download and install Forge.

Forge can be downloaded at the official site hereIt is important that you only download the latest version of Minecraft. Forge is not compatible with your current Minecraft build. Download the nearest version. You can also check the Launcher’s bottom left to see the “latest releases” section if you don’t know the version of Minecraft Java that you are currently using. 

Once you have found the right version of Forge to your computer, click on installer and wait for it download. Double-click the installer after the download is complete.

This will open the mod installer. There will be two options available: client or server. Select the client option to proceed and then choose the location. Once you click OK, Forge will begin to install. 

After Forge has been installed on your current Minecraft Java version you can start installing Minecraft mods. The main way to do this is to go to the website CursedForge. Before you do this, change your Minecraft launcher profile to the Forge build you have just installed. Move on to the next section of this guide. 

CursedForge is a great source for mods. You can use the search engine as shown above to find any type of mod that you are looking for. Take a moment to look around the site to find mods that match your Minecraft version before you download.

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After downloading your mods, move them to the Minecraft Mods folder. You can usually find this folder at C:UsersyourusernameAppDataRoaming.minecraft on your PC.

If you don’t have a folder named mods within.minecraft you can create one and label it “mods”. Once the folder has been created, move any mods to it. Once you have all the mods in this folder, you can launch the Minecraft launcher. 

Modpack Launchers: How to Install Mods

Modpack launchers are another easy way to install Minecraft Java mods. The launchers greatly reduce the time and effort required to install mods by allowing you to click a button to install multiple mods in large quantities. 

There are several mod launchers on the internet, but this guide recommends Cruse Forge because it is the easiest. You can download the latest Cruse Forge PC app by going to Cruse Forge. Wait for the download to complete, then double-click the installer.

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After asking you where you want to install the program it will ask you for a location. Select a place and let it install. After the program is installed, the application will take you on a tour of the features. You can skip this if you prefer.

After the tour, you will see a listing of games such as the one below; click on the one that says MinecraftYou can now move on to step 2. A new tab will open. Here, the program will ask where you want to install the mod folder. Click continue.

After the app has finished installing, you can download any modpack by clicking the button that says “browse Mods”. Side note: Some modpacks require a very powerful PC with lots of RAM to work. 

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It is important to ensure that your PC can run the mod packs. If you scroll down enough, some modpacks will include a section on recommended system specs.

The curse forge app can be used to create your own modpacks. This basically means that the program will do the first step in our guide. Click the button at the top of your screen to create a modpack. This is shown in the above image. 

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After clicking, the tab will open as shown in the below image. You can here change your Minecraft Java version and Forge version, as well name your modpack. Once you are done, click “Create” to save your modpack. You can then find it under the tab, “My Modpacks”.

To view your modpack, click My Modpacks. From there, you can add mods, resource pack, or custom maps. The play button can be used to edit the pack. Before you play around with settings or add mods, please note that they are the same rules as if the mods were manually installed. 

This means that you must ensure that the mods you create work with Minecraft Java and Forge, as well as making sure they are compatible.

How to install mods for Windows 10 Minecraft

Download mods for Windows 10 Minecraft from the Minecraft Marketplace. Or, download them online. 

Let’s first explain how to download mods for Windows 10 Minecraft. Before we start, please remember that mods are only for Windows 10 Minecraft.

For more information, please visit this site and find a mod that is for your version of Minecraft and download it. After downloading the mod, extract it using a program such as 7-zip. Once it is done extracting click on it to start Windows 10 Minecraft.

 When the game starts, navigate to game settings, and turn on “use experimental gameplay.” Some mods may require that it be turned on in order to function. After you turn the option on click both behavior and resource packs on your left side and enable your mod. 

Mods for Windows 10 Minecraft are also available by downloading or buying them from the Minecraft market. You can do this by going to the main menu and clicking the Marketplace option. A tab will open displaying all available addons from the marketplace. You will need Minecoins or real money to buy anything in the Minecraft Marketplace. 

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