How to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

How to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Players will need four end crystals to hatch a Dragon egg. Players can create end crystals using six glasses and one eye of an ender. 

After you have made the four end crystals, place them one on each side. You will be able to hatch the egg, and summon a new End Dragon.

How to hatch Dragon Egg Minecraft Overworld

There is no way to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft’s Overworld. This trophy is only awarded to Ender Dragon hunters who are clever. All is possible with mods.

All we’ve seen so far are mods to add baby ender Dragons. This mod adds a Baby Ender Dragon to the game that can be tamed in caves. 

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How to get the Dragon Egg In Minecraft

If players want to obtain a Dragon Egg they will first have to kill the Ender Dragon within the End. A piston and lever are also required for players to use to grab the egg. The only way to get it is to push the block tower that lies in the End. 

Even though you have pushed the egg from the End’s blockrock tower, it will not allow you to retrieve the egg until the Ender dragon has been killed. Beds are an easy way to kill Ender Dragons, as described in our How to kill the Ender Dragon with Beds Guide.

After killing the Ender Dragon take your lever and piston and build a small platform along the edge of the bedrock tower where the egg is. This tower is located in the middle the end portal. You might also want to build a wall to prevent the egg falling into it. 

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Once you have built a wall to protect the egg from the portal’s view, you can place the piston and lever on top of the tower. The egg should then be lifted easily off the tower’s bedrock.

It will take you around 20 blocks to ensure the egg falls. But if you cover it, the egg will fall. 

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