How to hack an IO Server in Command Cavern in Fortnite

How to hack an IO Server in Command Cavern in Fortnite

You will need to hack into the Command Cavern POI IO server as part of the Week7 Resistance quest. To accomplish this, you’ll need to jump at Command Cavern landmark located in the northwestern corner of the map. Once there, access the IO servers on the groundfloor.

Command Cavern Location in Fortnite

Command Cavern is located on the northern part of the map. Use the image below to help you find the exact location.

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How to finish the quest “Hack an Io Server in Command Cavern” in Fortnite

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Go to the central portion of the building after you have jumped at Command Cavern. You will now find the IO server on your left side, just adjacent to the wall, if you crouch.

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You can access the IO server by using your Interactive Bindings. By default, it is E for Mouse and Keyboard users and X for Gamepad players. It takes between 8-10 seconds to hack the server. The quest ends after you have completed the interaction.

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