How to Gift Skins and Items in Fortnite

How to Gift Skins and Items in Fortnite

Gifting in Fortnite is a popular phrase nowadays. It’s common to hear someone in Squads ask for money to purchase a skin or offer to gift a skin. These people will often try to scam or joke with you so it’s not a good idea to listen to them. Sometimes, you and someone else may be willing to gift skins, but they might not know how. We can help you with that.

Fortnite Gift Guide: How to Give Skins and Other Items

Gifting has been made easy in Fortnite and can easily be accessed from the Item Shop. You can no longer gift skins that you already own in your locker. However, you can sell skins on the marketplace. Although no one knows why gift skins were removed from your locker, we can only hope that it will be restored someday. You can gift Skins and Items from Item Shop by following the steps below.

Important: You can’t gift skins without your permission. enable 2FA for your account! This ensures that your account is not being used for any nefarious purpose, especially to purchase and gift skins.

Step 1: Open the Item Shop

The item shop in Fortnite.The item shop in Fortnite.

You may not know the exact location of the Item Shop. It is accessible in-game via loading the main screen. From there, you can view your friends list and select game modes. In the above image, we have highlighted the Item shop menu button. It is located at the top right of the menu screen. The button is appropriately named Item Shop. You can click there to get it!

Step 2: Choose the item you want to send as a gift

An item being selected in the item shop.An item being selected in the item shop.

You can choose anything! It can be dances or skins, wraps or emotes. Select the item that you wish to gift and it will open to the page. This is where you can choose to send it as an gift.

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Step Three: Select Buy as a Gift

The item page screen in Fortnite.The item page screen in Fortnite.

We said that sending a gift is now much easier. Although this is not the final step, it’s quite intuitive once you’ve selected an item. When you click Buy as a Gift (highlighted in the image), it will take you to the page for you to select which friend to whom you’d like to send it.

Step 4: Choose a friend

The friend select screen for gifts in fortnite.The friend select screen for gifts in fortnite.

We are sure you know that you have many friends and don’t know who to gift the gift to. After you’ve solved that puzzle, click on their name to check the box (highlighted in orange). It is possible to choose more than one person to send it, but it will cost you more V-Bucks. There is no one item that fits all here. Once you’ve selected your friend(s), click Continue to go to the final screen.

Step Five: Send it!

The send gift screen in fortnite.The send gift screen in fortnite.

As highlighted in the image above, all you need to do from here is click Send. After that, click Send. Your friend will find their new Fortnite item in their Fortnite locker.

Since  you cannot send gifts from your Locker, you, unfortunately, can’t complete a mission to earn a skin just to send it to your friend. We hope that they allow us the same opportunity to send skins already owned at some point.

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