Fortnite How to Get Yellow Chic Style – Cameo vs. Chic Challenges

Fortnite How to Get Yellow Chic Style – Cameo vs. Chic Challenges

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Here’s how to get the Yellow Chic style in Fortnite’s chapter 2: Season 1 of Battle Pass. This is the fourth style that you can get in Season 11’s Overtime challenges. You also get a new style of skin and a yellow style to use for your pickaxe, glider, and back bling.

How to get the yellow chic style

The Yellow ChicStyle is a part of the Fortnite Season 11 Overtime Challenges. These challenges will be made available January 30th. While you wait for these challenges to be released, make sure to visit our guides to help you complete them.

Yellow Chic Challenges

Here are some of the challenges that you’ll need to overcome to achieve the Yellow Chic style.

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Challenge Guide

Find a Fishing Rod and catch the item in different places with no fishing signs (3)

This one is easy because the signs are located in the same area and there’s also a barrel of fishing poles directly next to them. Slurpy Swamp is the location to look for the signs. They are located in the north, south and west portions of the area. It is not necessary to catch a fish but an item, so be sure to do this before you leave each area.

Consume an Apple and a Mushroom.

There are three types of consumables you will need to eat in order for the environment to work. The orchard to the north of Frenzy Farm is where you can find apples. You can find mushrooms in Weeping Woods and in a small area northwest of Frenzy Farm. They are bright blue, relatively new and can provide healing/shielding over time. They can be found all over the Slurpy Swamp.

Find a Rare Chest, or Supply Llama (5)

You’ll have to find them in the game. I would recommend that you just look for Rare Chests in areas, and then hope for a rare one to spawn. Only a small number of Supply Llamas can be found in any given game. You can either glide around the sky and look for them, or just pray that you are lucky.

Eliminations at various named locations (5)

This is an easy one. Simply head to the designated location and do some eliminations.

Fishing at Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake and Flopper Pond (3) is possible

It’s possible to go to all these places in one game. However, it’s much easier to split it up. Because you have the glider and can travel more efficiently across the map, I’d do this in Team Rumble. Another option is to rent a boat in the Lazy Lake area.

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Visit a lonely recliner or a radio station. You can also visit an outdoor movie theater.

The Lonely Recliner, which is located to the east and on the snowy mountains and to west of Dirty Docks, can be found to your left. Craggy Cliffs is also home to a Radio Station. It’s located to the east on hills. Risky Reels is the Outdoor Movie Theater, located to the west Frenzy Farm.

Receive an elimination with an Assault Rifle and Shotgun as well as a Sniper Rifle (3)

It’s a simple and enjoyable challenge. You can get eliminated with any combination of the three weapons. These weapons can be done in multiple games. You don’t need to complete them all at once.

Disassemble a telescope, a TV, and a telephone pole (3)

These can be found in many places, but they are all displayed on the below map. The telescope can also be found on Craggy Cliffs’ island. In the northwestern corner of the map are three houses. There is a telephone pole outside, and a tv inside.

The hidden gnome is located between a racetrack and a cabbage field.

Two Gnomes existed before, but now we must grab the third. The Race Track Gnome is what we need! The one that is north of Frenzy Farm is on the hill which overlooks the orchard.

Dance at the summit of Mount H7 or Mount F8, Mount Kay (3)

You will find the three mountains that you must dance on in the southeast part of the map. Because you can use your glider to fly across each mountain, you can dance on them all in one round of Team Rumble, I would do this one. You can start at Mount H7, then move to the west. Mount Kay is the highest peak and you can fly easily from there to Mount F8.

Styles in Yellow Chic

You get the yellow style not only for the outfit but also for the glider, back bling and harvesting tool that goes with it!