How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest in The Piggysons | Roblox Metaverse Champions

How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest in The Piggysons | Roblox Metaverse Champions

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Wren Brightblade began a new adventure with The Piggysons in Week 3 of Roblox Metaverse Champions. Learn how to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest #3, available April 29-May 7) by clicking the link below.

How to get Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest from The Piggysons

To purchase the Treasure Chest #3 The Piggysons,You must win one round as a Chapter One: Player to reach the House level. To win the mission you must escape as a player. You cannot play as the piggy/home murderer. This game requires you to be able to complete the Metaverse Champions mission. You will need to work as a group to solve the puzzles, and escape the house before time runs out.

Note: You can complete this mission on a VIP Server, which costs 100 Robux. This method requires at least two players: one to be the Player and one to be the Piggy/Homer. To earn the Treasure Chest, both players must complete Chapter One twice.

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The goal of this mission is to get out the Garage Door. This will require a lot of backtracking around the house and backyard. Be prepared to run while trying to avoid the enemy. You can solve the puzzles of Chapter One: House on The Piggysons by following the steps below.

Step 1. Start in the kitchen. Run into the small, pink room that has one green chair at the center. Grab the Green Key, which rests on the window sill.

Step Two: Take the Green Key with you and run up. There are five rooms upstairs. Three of them are locked, and two others unlocked. Match the color lock on the door with the colored key that you are holding.

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The Green Key matches the door. In this room, locate the Red Key on the bookshelf.

Step 3: Go back to the kitchen. Run past the small pink area (where the Green Key was) until you come across a wall. The Red Key is required to open the locked door near the wall. Grab the Hammer on the shelf by opening the door. You will also find a Teal Key here.

Step Four: Take a Hammer and exit the closet. Return to the closet and grab your Teal Key.

Step Five: Take the Teal Key with you and run up to the big Bedroom. The Teal Key can be used to unlock the bedroom’s locked door. Grab the Wrench from the bookshelf. To fall down the stairs, crouch in the hole nearby.

Step Six: Return the Garage Door to which you have destroyed the planks by using the Hammer. You can use the Wrench to turn on the glowing white/red lights located above the Wrench image, right next to the garage door. If done correctly, the red light will turn green.

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Step Seven: Get the Hammer from the cupboard again. Run to the back of the house. The plank is there. Use the Hammer to destroy the plank. Run upstairs, turn right into Baby Room, and grab the Plank between the cribs.

Step Eight: Return downstairs, and then exit the house. Now, in the backyard connect the Plank and the Treehouse. Next, jump into the Sandbox to grab the Yellow Key.

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Step Nine: Once you have the Yellow Key in your hand, go inside and head upstairs. Open the Yellow Key to unlock the door and enter the Bathroom. Grab the Brown Key, which is located next to the sink.

Step Ten: Take the Brown Key with you and go down. Turn right at the corner that runs along the Stair Wall. Grab the Pink Key and unlock the door under the stairs.

Step Eleven: Now that you have the Pink Key in your hand, go upstairs to unlock the door. Grab the Black Key, which rests on the bedside tables, and run around the bed.

Step Twelve: Return back to your backyard and unlock the Treehouse. Grab the White Key and Treasure Chest.

Step Thirteen: Next, go back to the Garage Door. This is the same location where you used the Wrench and previously destroyed the planks. You can now open the door using the White Key and escape the house!

Once you have entered Garage, you can complete the mission. You will receive a game badge as well as Wren Brightblade’s Treasure Chest #3. You’ll also find the Treasure Chest in Your Avatar Inventory.

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