Let’s take a look at how to get Arsenal’s megaphone emote! This small item allows you to make custom Roblox sounds. We have instructions on how to use the device and even how to mut it if you are having trouble getting it to work.

How to Get the Megaphone

Two ways you can get the megaphone are possible! The first is to buy it from the daily shop. Every day, the shop rotates new items that can be purchased with in-game currency. Playing games and completing quests can help you earn the money. You can find the quests in the main menu by clicking on the little flag icon. Each day, you will be given a new one.

You can choose to remove a quest from the list by pressing the X. However, you won’t receive a new quest until the next day. This is useful for when your quests are too numerous and you don’t have room for more. You will need to spend 1,800 BattleBucks on the megaphone, which can be difficult to collect if your quests are not completed.

Although it’s a little more difficult to find one, it is still possible. The first step is to go to the shop. Next, click on the Cases option at top of the menu. You can choose from three types of cases, but the Flair Case is the best. You can get an Announcer, Kill Effect or Emote for 600 BattleBucks each. Megaphones are an emote so you should be hoping for that. If you want the megaphone, it’s better to save your BattleBucks. That’s the only way you can get it.

How to Use the Megaphone

You will need to first equip the megaphone in your emotes slots before you can use it. You will find a number of emotes slots in the lower part of the main menu.

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Click on any of the empty boxes to remove the emotes and choose the megaphone option. Once you have selected the megaphone, you will see that you can now add your Megaphone Sound ID. This will play any Roblox sound that you choose. This can be done by going into Roblox to find the audio library that you can access via this. link.

Look at the link and choose one of the sounds that you want to play through the megaphone. The result will look something like this:


The ID number for this particular sound has been bolded in the section I have highlighted. You will need to copy that number and paste it in the place that says “InsertID here” in Arsenal. Click on the green button next to the field to confirm your selection.

You can access the game from PC by hitting the G key, or the mobile face icon. Then select the Megaphone emote number/option you want. The game will play the sound you have selected.

How to Mute the Megaphone

You can muffle the megaphone if you get tired of it while you play the game. Just go to your settings, which is located below the Shop option. Next, click on the Control option. Then check the Streamer Mode box. This will remove all music from the Megaphone.

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