Roblox Grand Piece Online contains a variation of Fighting Styles, all of which possess certain strengths and weaknesses. It is possible to learn one of these styles by spending some currency in-game and sparring with some the most formidable opponents in the First Sea.

Two Sword Style enables you to use two swords at once, allowing you to deal twice the damage to enemies. To acquire this knowledge, however, you must first earn 50,000 Peli and learn all 1 Sword Style attack. You will then need to visit Sashi Island which is located in the Second Sea north of Desert Kingdom’s City of Verdas.

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Once on Sashi Island, seek out Musashi. Speaking with him will give you a chance to spar, but at the cost of 10,000 Peli. On the other hand, Defeating him will reward you with a Book of Nitoryu, which will gradually increase your 2 Sword Style skill level. To reach the top of the skill tree, you must defeat him five times.

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