Collecting currency is easy with Clicks. Rebirths. Gems. Tokens. Clicker SimulatorSometimes it can be overwhelming. created this guide to explain what tokens are, how you can collect them, and the fastest ways to do it.

Token details

How do I earn Tokens quickly?

The answer to this question requires spending real money. You can earn Tokens in two ways, according to this article. Either you buy them with Robux or you complete two difficult, time-consuming quests.

To purchase Tokens with Robux, select the Trade button from the left-hand side of the screen—this will open the Trade menu.

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You can find the Token icon beneath the menu by clicking on the plus sign.

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It is necessary to display a pop-up that lists all the Token bundles available and their prices.

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Two specific quests are required to earn tokens. To check your progress on these quests, select the Rewards button from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen—it’s located above the Trade button.

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Scroll down to see the below-mentioned quests:

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You have some way to go before the egg quest is complete.

What do tokens serve?

Robux can be used to buy anything in Clicker Simulator, but Tokens can be used to purchase all the Robux-locked items, such as gamepasses and boosts.

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Are Tokens worth it?

Tokens aren’t worth the effort, money or time required to get them at the moment. Clicker Simulator has very little use for them, and they are not worth the effort. codesDevelopers offer free boosts in a consistent manner.

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