The addition of the Infernal dragon boss, magma-blob enemies, and opal ore gives players plenty of reasons to race to reach the Underworld. Although there is an easy way to get to the Underworld, it is recommended that you take your time to build the portal. This will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to the Underworld. Continue reading to find out the necessary materials and how to create the portal.

The Mysterious Portal: How to Craft It

To transport to the Underworld you must craft a Mysterious portal. This requires four Mysterious Fragments as well as a Tier-Three or Four workbench. Each fragment is capable of spawning if the boss defeated. Below is a list of the four fragments and their rarities. Also, how to obtain them.

  • Mysterious Fragment #1 — Dropped by Slime King (10% chance)
  • Mysterious Fragment #2 — Dropped by Kor (5% chance)
  • Mysterious Fragment #3 — Dropped by Wizard Boss (5% chance)
  • Mysterious Fragment #4 — Dropped by Bhaa (5% chance)
Images from Roblox Islands Wiki

Even though the likelihood of these fragments reproducing is slim, it’s still possible. Don’t let this discourage you!

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Mysterious Portal Shortcut

If you prefer to skip the crafting and collecting, then you are in luck. Accessing the Underworld does not have to be done on your island. You can also travel to the Mysterious Portal of a friend and use the portal to transport you. Perhaps someone from your server has created a Mysterious portal for players and opened their island to public visitors.

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You can still access the Underworld, no matter what method you use to get there. You can read our guide to learn how to kill the Infernal Dragon to try your luck at getting the dragon pet. here! provides Islands content updates to readers frequently so be sure and check our site often. RobloxKeep checking this page!


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