How to get the Wavebreaker Wrap and Qwerty (Keyboard) Axe in Fortnite | Island Games Quests

How to get the Wavebreaker Wrap and Qwerty (Keyboard) Axe in Fortnite | Island Games Quests

Fortnite just released several items as rewards for players who complete challenges in Creative game modes. The Wavebreaker Wrap, and the Qwerty Axe are two of the most popular recent releases. Players might have difficulty finding the right cosmetics after Fortnite’s v17.50 update. There is an easy explanation.

A list of Island Games Quests was added to v17.50. These quests reward players who complete them by rewarding them with Creative game modes. The Qwerty Axe and Wavebreaker Wrap require you to complete a set number of Island Games Quests. You must complete seven Island Games quests to get the Wavebreaker Wrap. To get the Qwerty Axe, you need to complete nine. Below is a complete list of all available quests for the Island Games.

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  • Red vs Blue Rumble: Shotguns and Sniper Rifles can cause damage [5500]
  • Red vs Blue Rumble: Buy legendary weapons at vending machines [6]
  • Red vs Blue Rumble eliminations [50]
  • Prison Breakout: Weapons of Epic Rareness or Higher [5]
  • Prison Breakout – Get eliminated [25]
  • Prison Breakout: Damage while in a “Prevalent” sedan [1500]
  • Assist your teammate in eliminating others in Finest 2v2 [30]
  • Restore Health or Shield with Finest 2v2 [750]
  • Finest 2v2: Deal damage from above [2500]
  • Red vs Blue Lava – Deal headshot injury [2500]
  • SMGs and Pistols with Red vs. Blue Lava are able to cause serious damage [5000]
  • Red vs Blue Lava: Dismantle enemy structures [200]
  • Wildlands Survival: Hunt wild animals [30]
  • Wildlands Survival offers a searchable database of coolers, fridges, and tool boxes. [25]
  • Fishing in Wildlands Survival allows you to catch Zero Point fish and Vendetta Floppers. [10]
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After you’ve completed all the quests on the list, you will be able to receive the cosmetics. You will receive the cosmetics if you have completed the minimum number of quests from the list above.

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