How to Get the Voting Paddle and Voting Furniture in Roblox Adopt Me

How to Get the Voting Paddle and Voting Furniture in Roblox Adopt Me

Roblox Adopt Me offers many activities for players to take part in. You can ride your pet, make lemonade, or do other activities. However, have they ever managed to host a competition with judges? Now they can!

Furniture & Voting Paddle

The good news is for all those who have ever dreamed about hosting or participating in competitions within the game. Players can now score performances using the new Voting Paddle. The new table and chair allow the judges to sit down while they watch the performances. Both the Judge’s chair and table are great additions to enhance the experience for players.

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How to Buy

First, go to your home and purchase items from the Judge’s Series. Click the Edit House button at the top. You can then use the new window at bottom to search for the Fashion category. (You will need the arrow to the right to see more options). All three items will be displayed when you click on the Fashion button.

  • Voting Paddle – $20
  • Voting Chair – $25
  • Voting Table: $40

All can be used in the same way as furniture. When placing, you can change the color using the paint can icon. These icons can be used to create a friendly competition among your friends.

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