Amazon Prime members are eligible to receive a Roblox avatar for free every month. During July, July, and Aug. 2022, qualifying users can unlock the Void Sheep Shoulder Pet. Continue reading for a quick overview of how to claim an Amazon gift.

Accessing Prime Gaming

Before you can go to Roblox’s claim pages, you will first need to redeem the code via Amazon Prime Gaming website. Once you are on the website, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down until you see Roblox listed underneath the In-game content, free with Prime heading
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  • Click on the purple Claim button—this will take you to Prime Gaming’s Roblox page
  • Scroll down and look for the Unique Items section
  • Locate the Void Sheep Shoulder Pet—a blue Claim now banner should be displayed across the top of its box
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  • Click the link to create your personal account promo code
  • Copy the code
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  • You should be able to receive the Void Sheep Shoulder Pet from Roblox within hours if everything goes right!
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These codes are not expire but can only be used once so make sure you claim them as soon as possible!

You are looking for Roblox content such as guides on event coverage and free items? You can check the website again for more Roblox content. Roblox section of PGG often—we’re always updating!

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