Roblox has enjoyed a very popular event called the Gucci Garden Event. The event features exclusive items like the Dionysus Bag. How do you find them?

How to Get the Gucci Garden Dionysus Bag

Here’s how you can get an exclusive Gucci item

What happened to the Dionysus Bag, you ask?

The Dionysus Bag cost R$380 at the time of the Gucci Gardens Event. The item has been removed from the event area, and players cannot buy it there. To purchase the limited bag, players will need to spend more Robux.

How to get the Dionysus Bag

The Roblox Dionysus bag will be required to be purchased Avatar Shop. You can search for Gucci or Dionysus to find the purse. The bag can be purchased for resale. Because other players determine the resale value, it can fluctuate. If you find the price too high or you are unable to afford it, then search again within a few minutes for a better deal.

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Other Options

You can wait until the end of the event to purchase the Dionysus bag, but you might not be able to afford it at the current resale price. If you are looking for a Gucci item only, there are still future releases available in the Gucci Garden Event. The Gucci Headband is due out May 21.

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