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How to get the Pool of Sapphire Grace from Genshin Impact, and how to place fish into your Serenitea pot

A Serenitea Pot is a great way to decorate. Most furnishing plans can be purchased or found in Remarkable chests. However, there are some items that cannot be bought. The Pool of Sapphire Grace allows you to place fish in your Serenitea Potter.

You can only get to the Pool of Sapphire Grace by visiting Liyue Harbor’s fishing club. The item is very affordable and you just need to trade. ten Medaka to get the Pool of Sapphire Grace.

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Once you have it traded, you don’t need to build it. It can be placed in the outdoor area at your Serenitea Pot immediately. Warning: The pool is extremely heavy at 1,800. This will consume a significant amount of the load limit within the area of the Pool of Sapphire Grace.

You can also place five ornamental fish in the Pool of Sapphire Grace at a time. Once the fish are in, they will swim around in the pool.

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