Roblox Wacky Wizkids has been invaded by pets! You can breed pets using potions designed for pet-specific purposes. First, players need to find the Pet Tags ingredient. This ingredient can be found in a cave with a few Wacky Wizards trivia questions.

The cave players have to find is located within the mountain and is highlighted by white pillars that look like a spider. This cave is located between the waterfalls and the spider-web cave.

Once you’re inside the cave, the Wacky Wiz trivia begins. Each room has a question, and there are three options for doors. The player must answer the question correctly to pass on to the next question. There are five questions.

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QuestionAnswerHow young are Foryxe & Jandel?23 & 24Who made Wacky wizards?2004 How many eyes has Mr. Rich got?1! Rich!

After answering the last question, the player will enter a room in which the Pet Tags rest on top of an yellow/golden platform. You can either walk back, or teleport to the cauldron with the Pet Tags. The Pet Tags ingredient can be placed on your ingredients list and you are free to keep it.

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