How to achieve the Perfectionist Achievement in Genshin Influence

How to achieve the Perfectionist Achievement in Genshin Influence

Genshin Impact has a list of hidden Achievements that includes Perfectionist. It falls under Snezhnaya Does Not Believes in Tears Series I. This achievement is only possible if you have completed successfully All three routes The Reliable Helper Daily Provision.

Monstadt Daily Commission: Reliable Helper. This involves helping Tsarevich, a Snezhnayan merchant who asks that you protect his cargo against Hilichurls. Each route is limited to one, so the Commission must be obtained. At least three timesTo earn the Achievement. You can increase your chances of receiving this Daily Commission by switching your Commission location to Monstadt from the Adventurer’s Handbook.

How to Comply with a Reliable Helper

Tsarevich allows you to choose from three locations to protect your cargo. You must complete all threeHis conditionsThey can count towards the Achievement.


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Your goal is defeating the Hilichurls Without destroying any cargo. This includes weather and enemy skills. Start during the day, and get the enemy’s attention by firing an aimed shot. Then run to the side. Avoid large AoE hits that can spread to nearby cargo when fighting Hilichurls.

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This is how you complete the mountaintop commission by defeating your enemies Order exactly:

  • Blazing Axe Mitachurl
  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl
  • Samachurl

To control the direction of your attacks, it is highly recommended that you use aimed shots with an Archer. Avoid using AoE attack that could accidentally kill enemies in the wrong sequence.

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Foot of the Mountains

It is very difficult to complete the Commission at the foot of the mountain.One minute. Once you have finished the dialogue with Tsarevich, the timer will start. Trarevich’s and the enemy’s locations are irregularly placed, so it’s difficult to complete this section without finessing.

Strategy One: Co-op Mode

Ask your friends to join you World. Have them position themselves at the exact spot of the enemy camp. BeforeTsarevich initiates the Commission. After the dialogue is completed, you can have the enemy defeated while you are still beside Tsarevich. Tsarevich can be reached immediately if they are able to kill all mobs within the specified time.

Strategy Two: Portable Waypoint

Another option is to put a Portable Waypoint beside TsarevichAfter defeating your enemies, you can teleport to the, This will save you time since it takes up to 20 seconds to return to Tsarevich.

You need to be careful, however, as it takes some running to get to the enemy camp.They can be defeated very quicklyYou can extend the time limit. You might consider preparing Elemental Bursts in advance so that you can quickly perform AoE attacks.

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