NikelandAirtopia just released its Airtopia event. With it, a free UGC accessory was included that players can use to access the experience. Nike Cloud Board! To unlock this item, all you have to do is jump jump jump enough times in the Airtopia minigame Jump Jump Jump. Continue reading to learn more about this process.

Airtopia Minigame

When you join Nikeland, you must spawn right in front the Airtopia portal. To be teleported directly to Airtopia’s entrance, enter this portal.

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From this entrance, walk forward—the slide in front of you will take you to the Jump Jump Jump minigame.

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Before hopping in to play, however, press the Rewards button on the right side of your screen—this is where you can track your progress towards earning various items, including the Nike Cloud Board.

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Once you’ve checked your progress, you can walk up to the green platform to start the minigame. You will need to wait approximately 90 seconds to restart a round if a game is still in progress. You will be teleported to your minigame’s beginning point after the 90-second period is over.

As seen in the picture above, players need to collect Air to earn the Nike Cloud Board. You will receive a different amount of Air for every jump jump you take part in. Try to stay alive in the minigame and avoid the disappearing platforms, so you can quickly earn Air.

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This minigame, as is Nikeland’s norm, can sometimes be a bit glitchy. It makes it difficult to win, and even more challenging to not be thrown off the map without moving. Although it’s possible, it will take patience to earn your Nike Cloud Board.

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After playing the minigame ten times, we were given the Nike Cloud Board. However, there is a known bug in the experience that prevents you receiving any alerts when you earn it. Instead, the Rewards menu will crash, causing your Air bar to be capped just before the Nike Cloud Board. If your Rewards menu is similar to the one shown below, you will see the accessory in your Roblox inventory shortly.

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