How to get the music disc Otherside in Minecraft

How to get the music disc Otherside in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players look forward to every new update. This is an uncommon occurrence so it is very significant when it does happen. Minecraft 1.18 has tons of new music. However, only One new music disc can currently be used in the game: Otherside.

How to get Otherside


Because Otherside can only be obtained in a different way than the other Survival discs it is considered a special music CD. This disc is rare loot that can be found in Stronghold Altar Chests or Dungeon Chests.

According to the official Minecraft WikiThere is a 2.5 percent chance that a Stronghold Altar Chest will contain the music disc. It is possible for Dungeon Chests to spawn at a rate of 3.1 percent. Strongholds are more likely to generate Dungeons than Strongholds so you should look for them if your goal is to find the disc.

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Creative will allow you to find the Otherside music disk with the rest of the discs under the Miscellaneous tab. To grant the disc to others or yourself, you can use the text menu command.


/give PlayerName minecraft:music_disc_otherside


/give “PlayerName” music_disc_otherside

This is all you need to know about getting Otherside in Minecraft.

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