Roblox designed new avatars to celebrate the 8th Annual Bloxy awards. The best part? All players can get these items for free! These items can only be earned by participating in Bloxy Awards events such as the scavenger hunt to obtain the Metaverse Backpack.

How to get the Metaverse Backpack for Roblox

You will need to go on a scavenger hunt in Roblox in order to get the Metaverse Backpack. 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game.There are eight items total that you can collect, and they are scattered all over the game area. It’s not difficult to find the items in this area, as they aren’t too big.

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Some of these items may be hidden in hard to reach places. For the exact location of each item on the scavenger hunt, please see below.

Note: While it isn’t necessary to complete the scavenger hunt in any particular order, we suggest following along step-by-step to this guide. This order is more effective for some items.

Item One: Ticket Updated Location

Update March 29, 2021: Roblox removed the speakers that were on the Ground Floor. They have relocated the ticket’s location due to this. We have updated Item One, Ticket with the new address and a new photograph.

You will find a ticket among the concession stands and windows on the ground floor, where you spawn.

Look toward the large window when you spawn in the Hub game. Once you’re facing the window, look toward the left concession stand—the ticket is right behind that shop.

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Item Two: Plushie

The first Plushie is the second thing you should grab after the ticket. The Plushie can be found above a concession stand, on a hanging ledge.

To give you more context, climb the concession stand on the left hand side, closest to the Bloxy award speakers. Once you have reached the correct concession stand, jump up the ramp to the hanging platform. Once you have successfully completed the jump, the Plushie is yours to collect.

Three-pointed item: Ticket

You can still find the second Ticket in the Shop area. The Ticket can be found directly at the top of any of the concession stands. You can find the correct Shop in the corner of the main area. Once you have found the Shop, climb up the ramp to get the Ticket.

Do not worry if you have climbed the wrong Shop. There are four shops total so you will eventually find the Ticket.

Note: Don’t leave this spot just yet! You will find the next item in the vicinity. If you leave this concession stand, you may get lost.

Item 4: The Imagination Core

You can find the Imagination Core item directly on the large TV screen located in the main area. It can be hard to climb up the TV if you don’t know where to look.

The Item 3: Plushie location is the best place to start looking for the Imagination Core. This is the exact spot you need to be. Once you have reached the Item 3 location, take a look at the open path to the TV. The TV screen can be climbed up to the top by climbing the thin, grey ledge in the right corner.

Once you reach the dark grey ledge press jump several times until you reach the top. There you will be able to drop down to the TV screen, where you can collect the Imagination Core.

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Item Five: Bloxy cola

It is not difficult to find the Bloxycola item. You can immediately turn left once you’ve exited from the Shop area and entered into the Walkway. In the corner, you’ll see the Bloxycola item.

You can find the floating piggy in Walkway to collect the Bloxy Cola item.

Item Six: Plushie

It might be difficult to find the second Plushie. The glowing windows to either side of Walkway are usually closed but you can still access the glowing window from the floating house.

The Plushie is located behind the floating house once you’ve entered through the window.

Item Seven: Wrench

The Wrench item will be found directly parallel to the force field. Follow the Walkway through the area until you reach the end. This is the area where players will board the Metaverse journey experience in the main Bloxy Award event. One of the large lights hides the Wrench.

A Fun Note: If you accidentally touch the force field, your Avatar will go limp and float around for a couple of seconds!

Item Eight: Helmet

The Helmet can be found in the same place as the Item Seven Wrench but on the opposite side. The Helmet is located on the ground in the corner.

These are all the eight locations of the items! A Badge Notification will appear in the bottom-right corner. This will let you know that you have located all the items. If you’ve missed the Badge notification, don’t worry: the Metaverse Backpack will automatically be placed in your Roblox Inventory, ready to be equipped at your leisure.

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