How to get the Iwakura out Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

How to get the Iwakura out Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

Iwakura Doukei founded the Iwakura Clan, a swordsmanship clan that introduced a new technique known as the Tengu Sweeper. You can earn the dark Hidden Exploration Objective called Iwakura Out, which involves destroying the last remaining disciples of the clan.

Iwakura Clan Members Locations

You must wipe out six clan members in order to advance in this Hidden Exploration Objective. You can complete the first five in any order. However, the sixth cannot be activated until the first five have been completed.

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Yashiori Island, Kannazuka (Clan Member 1-3).

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You’ll find Disciple Katayama Tatsumi in the first location. To obtain a Precious Chosen, defeat him. To obtain a Precious chest, defeat Disciple Shimada Shichirouji at the second location.

The third location is not well-known. Look for a hole in the ground and jump down by a few meters—but don’t jump straight to the ground. There will be an opening in the wall at mid-way.

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To find Tanba Tetsuo, Acting Instructor, enter the small opening. To obtain a Precious Heart, defeat him.

Narukami Island (Clan members 4-5)

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The Byakko Plains is home to the fourth clan member. To obtain another Precious Heart, defeat Disciple Okazaki Kunihiko.

Up north, the fifth clan member can be found in the underwater ruin which houses the Perpetual Manual Array. Simply run to the Teleport Waypoint to the left and you will find Acting Instructor Mifune Satoshi. You can defeat him to obtain a Precious Chosen.

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Kujou Encampment (Clan Member 6)

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After you’ve defeated the five clan members, go to the Kujou Encampment. Talk to Iwakura Kuzou. This will set off a battle without reward.

After that, you can return to Byakko Plains and find the fourth clan member. You’ll find two of the final clan members in the area: the Expelled Violet Oni: Yanagiha Arashi and Expelled Crimson Oni: Okazaki Toraemon. Talk to them to join the battle.

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Two swords will be given to you after you defeat the two. To place both swords, you must interact with the Blade Mounds at the stone twice. You will receive a Luxurious Chest as well as the Achievement Iwakura out by doing so.

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