Robloxians often receive free Avatar items during Roblox award season. The 8th Annual Bloxy Award is no exception. To unlock the Imagination Core accessory head, you only need to attend the main Bloxy Award event.

How to get Roblox’s Imagination Core

You don’t need to do much work in order to unlock the Imagination Core accessory head. Just complete Metaverse Journey in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Hub game. Yes, this is as straightforward as it sounds—you won’t need to collect any items or complete an obby for this head accessory.

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Start the Bloxy awards Hub game. Here you will spawn in an area with four concession stands and two Bloxy award-themed speakers. You are welcome to stop by for a photo shoot!

Continue down the corridor towards the end. To take part in the Metaverse Journey you will need to board the large, moving ship. Relax and enjoy the journey once you have gotten aboard.

When the Metaverse Journey has completed its entirety, you’ll return to the main Bloxy Rewards Hub area. You should receive a Badge once you have exited the flying vessel. Simultaneously, the Imagination Core should automatically appear in your Roblox Inventory as a permanent Head Accessory!

How to equip the Imagination Core (PC & Mobile)


To access your Imagination Core item on PC, exit the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game and return to the Roblox client. Once on the client, press Menu (the hamburger button) to bring up a list. All of your Avatar Items can be viewed by pressing Avatar or Inventory.


To access your Imagination Core item on Mobile, exit the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game and return to the Roblox client. From here, you can either press the Avatar button, which is the middle button located on the bottom of the screen. From there, press Customize to access and equip all of your brand new items.

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