Adopt Me is pleased to announce the December 2021 Winter Update. You will find mini-games and new toys as well as a premium Ice Golem pet. You can read our article to learn how to buy one.

Buy a Button

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It is easy to purchase an Ice Golem pet by opening the game and clicking the Shop button. The purple icon looks similar to a shopping cart. It is located at the right hand side of your screen. Click the button to open a new window where you can place orders. The Ice Golem option will be available here. Click here to buy the pet for 1000 Robux.

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Winter Wonderland

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To physically purchase the Ice Golem pets, you will need to go to the Winter Wonderland region of the map. This is the best way for players to look at the pet before buying, or if they want to buy other Winter Update pets.

You will need to get out of your home and walk into downtown. Cross the bridge to the left of the town centre. There will be a few red homes along with a sign that reads Winter Wonderland. Continue walking along this path until the Ice Golem is at the top. Click the orange cursor for the purchase of the pet.

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