While Find the Markers may seem like just another scavenger-hunt-style experience, it actually offers quite an intricate map with more than a handful of challenging secrets to be found. With its newest Candyland update, Find the Markers has added 25 new markers for players to discover, including the one that we’ll be covering in this brief guide, the Gummy Marker.

Locating the Gummy Marker

How to decipher the code

The Gummy Marker is concealed behind a secret entrance that can only be opened by people who have entered the correct color-coordinated Code. While the order of this code is different for everyone, the four colors that make up the code are the same—red, yellow, green, and blue. To enter the code and unlock your door, you will need to locate the buttons that correspond to the code and click them in the right order.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

The screenshot shows that our code’s order is red, blue yellow, and green. To unlock the door and retrieve Gummy Marker, first find and then press the red button. Next, the blue button will be pressed. Then, the yellow button will be pressed. Finally, the green button will be pushed. You can read on to see where each button is located.

Red button location

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

You can find the red button inside of Candyland’s gingerbread house. As you can see below, you will be able to turn the button white once you press it.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

Location for blue button

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

The blue button can also be found on the side, just outside of Candyland’s gingerbread house.

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Yellow button location

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

The yellow button can be found across from the secret entrance, behind the edge of a map.

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Location of the green button

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

You can find the green button in a small corner just near the Chocolate Fountain.

Completing the Obby

Once you’ve pressed all of the buttons in the correct order, return to the secret door—it should now be open.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

To enter the door and retrieve your Gummy Marker, you will need to do a small obby. This involves walking along a narrow ledge and hoofing around an obstruction wall. Trying to shortcut this obby by jumping toward the door from any nearby platform will result in your character being teleported back to the experience’s spawn point—you must complete the obby to enter the room.

Take a small step forward to get to the starting point of the obby.

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

You may need to practice jumping over this wall several times before you can succeed.

Screenshot from Cheaterboss.net

Once you have gotten past the wall, it’s time to get to the home stretch. To collect the Gummy Marker simply walk into the room and touch it.

Screenshot from Cheaterboss.net


This is it! Now you have the Gummy Marker. The Gummy Marker is now yours!

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