How to get the Grab-itron in Fortnite

How to get the Grab-itron in Fortnite

Like the other Fortnite updates, the v17.30 upgrade is very large in content. Grab-itron guns, which can grab random objects such as rocks and throw them at enemies, are one of its highlights.

Grab-itron guns can be found in chests. They are an epic-tier weapon. If you are lucky enough to find the epic rarity, players should have a good chance of finding it. Mothership mini-game. The Grab-itron gun can be purchased at 600 gold from the Abstrakt (NPC) located near Retail Row if you’re lucky. Below is a map showing the exact location of Fortnite’s NPC. deserves our gratitude

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How does Fortnite’s Grab-itron gun work?

Grab-itron guns can be used to lift objects or turn them around. This weapon functions in the same way as the UFO-like shining ray. It lifts objects by locking onto it first. The weapon can also be used by players to harm enemy players and their structures during combat. You can also use it to defeat enemies and manage the environment.

Epic Games first teased the Grab-itron Gun in their battle pass trailerRick took the weapon and used it to grab a Taxi, throwing it at a gas station to kill his enemies. Since then, this item has been highly sought after by the community. The gun is now available for players to use in Fortnite.

The video below shows how to find the Grab-itron gun for Fortnite.

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