How to Get Your Own Emergency Food! Genshin Impact: Achievement

How to Get Your Own Emergency Food! Genshin Impact: Achievement

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Get Your Own Emergency Food This is a Wonders of the World Achievement. It can be achieved by eating the food supposedly prepared for others. Food deliveryDaily Commission

This Commission can be randomly obtained from Sara in Monstadt. You can increase your chances of getting it by moving your Commission to Monstadt from the Adventurer’s Handbook. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t score the Achievement first time. Daily Commissions are available at random.

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Food Delivery Daily Commission

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After you have received the Food Delivery Daily Commission from The Good Hunter, Monstadt, speak to Sara. Choose Order for DeliveryClick here to send the request. You will be given a Sticky Honey Roast or Calla Lily Seafood Soup. Fried Radish Balls must also be delivered within the specified time, depending on where you are located.

The dish can be found in the Quest ItemSection of the Inventory. Click to order it.Use You can eat it, and you will get the Get Your Own Emergency Food! Achievement. After that, you can talk with Sara to start the Commission again and finish it for the usual daily rewards.

Our guide is available here How to complete the Leaves on the Wind Daily Commission in Genshin ImpactTo help you with additional Monstadt Commissions.

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