How to get the free Escapist Umbrella in Fortnite

How to get the free Escapist Umbrella in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Umbrella’s have been mostly given away free of charge. The latest update, version 16.40, has not changed. Another Umbrella is available for purchase!

You can get the Escapist Umbrilla by playing the new LTM mode (Limited-time mode), that came with the latest update, Daybreak. This LTM may sound simple but it is very unique.

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You must locate fuel and parts for a helicopter that has crashed in the middle the map. You only have three nights to complete this task before the storm closes in and you are dead. Only win one Daybreak and you will be awarded the Escapist Umbrella!

You woke up unarmed, alone and along the coast of an unknown island. No one remembers how you arrived. Before night falls, quickly look for weapons and ammunition. Then, the wild creatures start roaming the hillsides hunting prey.

Keep an eye out for other stranded people — they may prove to be invaluable allies in your fight to stay alive on the increasingly hostile island. Along the way, search for parts that can be used to repair one of the downed helicopters that are near the island’s center. You might be able to escape if the parts are right and you have enough fuel.

Official LTM Description

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