Fortnite Update V.19.20 is now available. It unlocks all The Foundation Mythic cosmetics, as well as many accessories that go with them. The Foundation Mythic pack includes the Tactical Visor Tiltgle emote. To obtain the Tactical Visor Toggle, you must help The Gunnar, the boss NPC in Fortnite.

Note: This cosmetic is not available until Feb. 3, 2022. This quest could change.

Is The Gunnar located on the new map

Gunnar is located in the middle part of the “Covert Cavern“Landmark on the west edge of the map.

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How do you defeat The Gunnar, NPC boss?

Since the quest demands that you assist in the elimination of the boss NPC, you will need to jump in Duos or Squad mode to complete the task. You will need to collect weapons and other healing items once you have landed at Covert Cavern. 

Now start shooting at The Gunnar while you are still in the middle of the bunker. You will be retaliated by him firing at you, tossing grenades and even ordering the attack of his other IO guards. As you are playing together, it is possible to take him down in a matter of minutes. You will be fine if you take cover in the buildings when you need to reload, heal or otherwise protect yourself. If you find the boss intimidating, you can always refer to our detailed guide. taking down Gunnar.

After helping him defeat, the Tactical Visor Toggle is available for you to use. The locker room will allow you to equip the new unlocked skin.

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