How to get the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

How to get the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

The Eyes of Ender can be used to fight the Ender Dragon and reach The End. The Eye of Ender is more than just a necessary item. activate the End PortalThese items will lead you to the End Portal stronghold. This guide will teach you how to craft the appropriate materials in Minecraft to get the Eye of Ender.

What you’ll need

To make an Eye of Ender, you will need two items:

1 Eye of Ender is made with 1 Ender pearl and 1 Blaze powder 

Enderman can earn Ender Pearls by killing them. 

Blaze Rods can be used to make Blaze Powder. This is an additional item you will need. Blaze Rods can be earned by killing Blazes. Blaze Powder is 2 per 1 Blaze Rod placed on the crafting board. 

How to make an Eye of Ender

Place 1 Ender Pearl, 1 Blaze Powder and 1 Crafting Table into a Crafting Table to make an Eye of Ender. Keep crafting until you have enough Eyes of Ender.

Alternatively: Cleric Villagers can also sell Eyes of Ender to players for 7-11 emeralds. This is part of their Tier III trading.

If you’re crafting Eyes of Ender for The End, then you’ll need 30 Eyes of Ender total. The End Portal can only be activated by 12 of these Eyes of Ender. The remaining Eyes of Ender are used to direct you towards the End Portal stronghold. You will need approximately 30 Ender Pearls, 30 Blaze Powder, and 30 Ender Pearls to make the required amount of Eyes of Ender.

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