Roblox Treasure Quest has a lot of weapons you can find. The rarities range from Common to Ultimate. The Elemental Blade is a Legendary weapon. If you have the ability to use it, collected all six of the rare elemental blades,Learn how to combine them all into one powerful weapon

General Information

Roblox Treasure Quest’s Legendary Weapon is the Elemental Blade. It is craftable.

  • Minimum 45
  • Power: x3.27
  • Strength: 495

It combines all six rare elemental weapons into one rainbow color.

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How to obtain the Elemental Blade

The Elemental Blade can only be obtained by collecting all six rare elemental swords in Roblox Treasure Quest.

  • Lava Blade
  • Grass Blade
  • Thunder Blade
  • Crystal Blade
  • Ice Blade
  • Shadow Blade

It is easy to collect the items once you have them. To open an inventory of your weapons, press the Crafting button. A crafting window will appear. Place the weapons you have selected above on the Crafting Table. Once you’re done, click Craft.

Note: You will lose the six weapons above after crafting the Elemental Blade. Those six weapons will be removed from your inventory.

That’s it. Once the Elemental Blade is crafted, it will be in your possession. You are likely already at the required level to use this powerful weapon. If you are not yet at the required level, there is still plenty to do!

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