Roblox Wacky wizards can make it difficult to locate the chili pepper because it is hidden underground. It is easy to find the ingredient once you have a clue.

Run toward the desert to find the underground obby. This dry biome can be found in one corner of the game’s world. It isn’t too big. It will be easy to find it with the help of the numerous cacti and the small railroad that runs through the area.

The obby is hidden under the sand and it won’t be obvious immediately. A single cactus is found in the desert between two rock-cliffs. Behind this cactus, is the cave. For the exact location, see the image above. If you approach the rail road, you will miss the cactus.

The cave is hidden behind the cactus if you follow it. You will come to a small area below. On the opposite side of this obby is the chili pepper recipe. You might need to do it a few times before you reach the chili pepper.

Once you have reached the other side, click or tab on the chili pepper ingredient and equip it to your Avatar. To get your chili pepper, press Teleport and Cauldron.

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