Roblox’s Arsenal now has a new update, for summer 2020! The game has received a number of updates, including polishing the menus, new weapons and new skins. These skins can be bought in the shop. But, you can still get the Cryptid Bigfoot Skin free of charge by following just a few easy steps. In this guide, we’ll show how it’s done.

You can find guides to all other skins here.

Bigfoot Skin Guide

To obtain the Bigfoot Skin, you must first play in the Safehouse Map. This will make it much easier if you have a VIP Server to Arsenal. You can also jump into Arsenal to see the map if it isn’t the Safehouse map.

After that, you can exit the game and start a new one. Keep going until you reach the Safehouse map. Move over to the side with the river and treeline. This is located beyond a wooden fence. Follow a pathway. This must be at NIGHT. The time will cycle as you move along the map. The cabin’s light will come on when it gets dark enough. A figure will then walk out of the cabin and stand in front the window.

You will get the Bigfoot badge once you have seen this figure.

Once you’ve received your Bigfoot skin, let’s take a look at it.

Simply head into your locker and hit the character button. Then, find it here to equip it. You can watch the video below if you have any problems following this guide:

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