Roblox Adopt Me! – A new item is available in Roblox! Nerf and Roblox have teamed up to create a blaster weapon that is both digitally and physically available. To get both, you only need to make one purchase. You only need to make one purchase to get both.

Nerf Bees Blaster Physical

The Nerf Bees Blaster is a classic lever-action (no batteries needed) nerf gun that fires foam darts. It is estimated that the gun will cost approximately $50 USD. The gun will not be available for purchase until August. Many retailers don’t currently offer pre-ordering or purchasing options. Keep an eye out to see if there are other options. Adopt Me developers announced that it would be available worldwide.

Don’t toss the packaging once you have the physical copy! To redeem the digital version, you will need a code found on the box.

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Nerf Bees Blaster-Virtual

The digital version will have a gun that shoots honey food to pets. You can redeem your Nerf Bees Blaster in Adopt Me’s Coffee Shop. The E button will allow you to check your eligibility. The Roblox website link will be displayed to allow you to enter your code. Once you have entered, your blaster should be ready.

Please note that Roblox allows only one blaster per account. Therefore, trading for this item may not be possible.

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