Roblox Metaverse Champions offers many ways to get free rewards, including special boxes and crates. These boxes require patience, luck and server-hopping in order to be obtained.

How to get the Roblox Metaverse Champions Admin, Developer and Star Creator boxes

Three boxes, the Admin, Developer, or Star Creator, are available at any stage of the Metaverse Champions event. These boxes cannot be unlocked by regular play. Instead, you will have to separately track down a Roblox Admin, a Roblox Developer, and—you guessed it—a Roblox Star Creator. These figures will only give you a Star Creator, Developer, or Admin box.

This will take patience, perseverance, and lots of server-hopping. Metaverse Champions Hub.

The “Easy” Method

The following are easy ways to obtain the Star Creator, Developer and Admin boxes. DeeterPlays on Roblox.He will be able to access all the boxes and plans on distributing these boxes frequently to players.

Follow DeeterPlays

  • Visit his website Roblox Profile
  • Click the… Button to the right of his name
    • Follow the Press

DeeterPlays is available in the Metaverse Champion Hub. Join his server and wait your turn for the boxes. Most likely, he will also be available for you to join his server. stream his giveaways on YouTube,You should also check out his channel!

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Notice: After you receive the boxes, it’s a good idea to exit the server so that other players can take their turn.

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You can find these alternatives if DeeterPlays is not accessible at any time during the Metaverse Champions tournament.

How to Find Admins

Visit the website to find Roblox administrators Official Group of Roblox.Once you have landed on the group page filter the selection to the Admin category. Then, search for Roblox Admins who are in the Metaverse Champions hub. If the Admin is already in the Hub, you can join the server of the Admin and wait your turn for the Admin Box.

How to Find Developers

It is difficult to find a Roblox developer. This will take more work than just finding the boxes. The Metaverse Champions event features 180 Roblox games. This means that there will be around 180 Developers available to give out Developer Boxes. For information on when Developer Boxes will be handed out, you’ll need to follow the Developers’ Discord groups or social media accounts.

These are some tips to help you find a developer

If Roblox Developer is present in the Metaverse Champion Hub, you can join their server and wait for your turn to get the Developer Box.

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How to Find Star Creators

You can find Roblox’s Star Creators by visiting the Roblox Video Stars groupFind a Star Creator in the Metaverse Champions hub. If the Star Creator is available, you can join the Star Creator’s server to wait your turn and receive the Star Creator Box.

How to get the Launcher Pro Badge

Exclusively for players who have collected all four Metaverse Champions Admin, Star, Developer, and MVP boxes will be the exclusive mug Launcher Pro Badge.At this time, there are no special items for the badge. We’ll know more when the badge is given to players on 20 May.

You need additional assistance in finding a Star Creator. You can also check out our long list. Roblox Star CodesThe name of Star Creators is also available at.

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Servers should fill up quickly in any of the above cases. Do your best to not get frustrated with other players or Admins/Developers/Star Creators during this process. Remember, everyone is here for the fun of it!

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